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‍Suite ‍for ‍Nine ‍Solo ‍Instruments ‍

‍(1959) ‍12 ‍min.

‍Flute, ‍Oboe, ‍Clarinet,Bassoon, ‍Violin ‍1,Violin ‍2,Viola, ‍Violincello, ‍Double ‍Bass. ‍Commissioned ‍by ‍the ‍Saskatoon ‍Summer ‍Festival ‍Premiere: ‍July, ‍1959 ‍by ‍The ‍Festival ‍Players, ‍Murray ‍Adaskin, ‍conductor, ‍Saskatoon.

Duo for Violoncello and Fortepiano (1983) 15 min.

Premiere: March, 1985 by Chris Sharpe & the composer

Faculty of Music Tenth Anniversary Concert, Wilfrid Laurier University.

Cymartaleum (1987) 6 min.

Marimba, suspended cymbal, crotales, and timbale

Premiere: March, 1987 by Lori West, NUMUS, Waterloo

Three for Two (1989) 12.5 min.

Commissioned by Guy Few (Trumpet and Piano) & Alain Trudel. (Trombone). Premiere: January, 1990, Bedford, Nova Scotia. 

Concertpiece (1993) 9 min. 

Commissioned by Guy Few (Trumpet, Piano). Premiere: November, 1993, Glenn Gould Studio, Toronto.

‍Keyboard ‍Quintet ‍(1994) ‍20 ‍min.

Commissioned by the Eckhardt-Gramatte Foundation. Piano, string quartet. Premiere: March, 1994, University of Manitoba, Winnipeg.

‍Overture ‍(1994) ‍9 ‍min.

Commissioned by Joseph Petric.  For accordion and piano. Premiere: February, 1995, Kitchener-Waterloo Chamber Music Society, Waterloo

Three Accords (1995) 4 min.

Accordion solo. Premiere by Joseph Petric, May 3, 2000, K-W Chamber Music Society, Waterloo

Tango (1997) 5 min.

Trumpet, piano, accordion, trombone.  Premiere by Guy Few, Alain Trudel & Joseph Petric, September 1997, Fredericton, N.B.

A Composer's Tribute (1997) 7 min.

Cello and fortepiano. Commissioned by The Gallery Players

Premiere: February 2, 1997 Margaret Gay and Heather Dawn Taves Rodman Hall, St. Catherines, Ontario.

A Composer's Tribute (2001) 7 min.

Trombone and piano version.  Premiere: January 25, 2003  Guy Few & Alain Trudel , NUMUS Concerts, Registry Theatre, Kitchener.

Triumph of Love (2005) 14 min.

Arranged for Tenor Saxophone and Piano. Premiere:  April 14, 2006. Performed by Willem Moolembeek (Saxophone) and Boyd McDonald (Piano).

Poor Little Alison (2017) 3:45 min.

Flute, Cello, Piano. Première: October 17, 2017  Springdale Trio,

First United Church, Waterloo, Ontario.

Trio (2018) 18 min.

Amorous Servant (2017) 5 min.

Saxophone and Piano. Première: February 7, 2017 Willem Moolenbeek and the composer. First United Church, Waterloo, Ontario.

Amorous Servant (2018) 5 min.

Performed by the Ekleipsis Guitar Trio. Performed at WLU in Waterloo, November 22, 2018.

Concertante (2019)

For Accordion and String Quartet. Commissioned by Joseph Petric. Première: scheduled for the 2019-20 season

Scherzo for Two Pianos (1950) 2 min.

Premiere: June, 1950 Garth Beckett and Boyd McDonald Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

Three Preludes (1961) 5 min.

Piano solo. Premiere: March, 1961 by the composer, Radio France, Paris.

Poor Little Allison (1973) 4 min.

Arranged for 3 pianos after the song by Gordon Lightfoot

Premiere: February, 1973 Garth Beckett, Marjorie Beckett and Boyd McDonald CBC TV "Beckett & McDonald”.

Fantasy for Piano (1974) 9 min.

Commissioned by the Manitoba Centennial Committee

Premiere: 1974 by Diana McIntosh, Art Gallery, Winnipeg.

‍Piano ‍Tapers ‍(1979) ‍10 ‍min.

For piano and DAT tape or CD. Premiere: October, 1979 Carolyn Arnason, piano Theatre Auditorium, Wilfrid Laurier University, Waterloo, Ontario.

‍Time ‍Lines ‍(1981) ‍9 ‍min.

Piano Duet. Premiere: February, 1982 by Diana McIntosh & Barbara Riske. Music Inter Alia Series, Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Catworks for Young Pianists (1984) 5 min.

Premiere: November, 1984 by Serena Schleuter,

Canadian Music Week, Ontario Registered Music Teachers, Kitchener, Ontario.

Dialogue (1992) 4 min.

Harpsichord and Fortepiano. Premiere: September, 1992 by Delores Keahey & Eric Lussier.  Ivory Echoes Series, University of Manitoba, Winnipeg.

Pulsations for Piano (1995) 9 min.

Commissioned by Saskatchewan Registered Music Teacher's Association.  Premiere: July 11, 1995 by the composer at the Canadian Federation of Registered Music Teacher's National Convention, Saskatoon.

An Artist's Neighbourhood (1996) 8 min.

Piano solo. Premiered: November 30, 1996 by Christine Vanderkooy Contemporary Showcase Gala Concert, Western Ontario Conservatory, London.

Bachillennium for Piano Duet (2000) 5 min.

Commissioned by the Ontario Registered Music Teacher's Association.  Kitchener-Waterloo Branch with funds from the Canada Council.  Premiere: November 25, 2000, Canada Music Week, by Terry Kroetsch and the composer First Baptist Church, Waterloo, Ontario.

Overture for Piano (2004) 10 min.

Music from the theatrical production of 'The Triumph of Love' by Pierre Marivaux, directed by Richard Monette.  Premiere: June 23, 2004 Boyd McDonald (fortepiano), Studio Theatre, Stratford Festival.



Psalm 47 "O clap your hands" (1987) 5 min.

Baritone and piano. Premiere: January, 1988 by David Falk, baritone & the compose. Thursday Noon Series, Wilfrid Laurier University, Waterloo, Ontario.

"Shadow" (1987) 4 min.

Soprano and piano. Poem by Jane Urquhart. Premiere: February, 1988 Elise Bedard & the composer.  London Art Gallery, London, Ontario.

"All Around the Palace" (1998) 5 min.

Baritone and piano.  Poem by Jane Urquhart.  Premiere: February, 1998 by Frederick Julien (baritone) & Beth Ann DeSousa (piano). Graduation Recital, Wilfrid Laurier University, Waterloo, Ontario.

Psalm 121 "I will lift up mine eyes" (1998) 5.25 min.

Baritone and piano.  Commissioned by Reid Spencer. Premiere: March, 1998 by Reid Spencer (baritone) & the composer Memorial University, St. John, Newfoundland.

Baritone and piano. Premiere: February 6, 2000 by Reid Spencer & the composer.  Zion Lutheran Church, Waterloo, Ontario.

Psalm 3 "O Lord, how many are my foes" (1999) 8 min.

Premiere: November, 1954 by the composer & the University of Saskatchewan.  Chamber Orchestra, Murray Adaskin, conductor Convocation Hall, University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon.

An Artist's Neighbourhood 

(1996 - orchestrated 1998) 8 min.

Premiere: May 22, 1999 Kitchener-Waterloo Symphony, Noel Edison (conductor). Open Ears Festival of Sound and Music, Kitchener, Ontario.

Borders with Shadows (1999) 12 min.

String orchestra. Commissioned by the Waterloo Chamber Players.  Premiere: May 14, 2000, The Cedars, Waterloo, Ontario.

Borders with Shadows 

(1999 - orchestrated 2001) 12 min.

Orchestral version commissioned by the Kitchener-Waterloo Symphony.  Premirere: February 24, 2001, Kitchener-Waterloo Youth Orchestra.  Erna VanDaele, conductor, Kitchener, Ontario.

Three Psalms for Baritone and Orchestra (orchestrated 2000-1) 18 min.

Orchestral version commissioned by Orchestra Hamilton. Premiere: March 31, 2001 with Reid Spencer Baritone.  Symphony Hamilton, James McKay, conductor.

Triple Concerto for Bellows & Brass (2004) 20 min.

For trumpet/piano, accordion, trombone and orchestra

Commissioned by the Laidlaw Foundation and WLU Development Fund.  Ontario premiere November 5, 6 Symphony Hamilton, James McKay conductor.  B.C. premiere February 5, 2005 Vancouver Symphony Orchestra, Tania Miller, conductor.

Concerto  (2019)

For Trumpet/Piano and Orchestra. Commissioned by Guy Few. Trumpet/Piano and Chamber Orchestra. Premiere: scheduled for the  2019-20 season.


Concert piece for Piano and Orchestra (1953) 8 min.


An Artist's Neighbourhood (arranged 1997) 8 min.

Premiere: February 15, 1998, The Wellington Winds, Michael Purves-Smith, conductor.  Woodside Bible Fellowship, Elmira, Ontario.

Boyd McDonald’s complete works can be borrowed from the Wilfred Laurier Music Library and purchased from the Canadian Music Centre.

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